Shops, schools and practice spaces

Disinfect any (lockable) room. This ranges from clinics, to practice spaces, shops, schools, offices, sanitary facilities, ...

Disinfection of vehicles

Decontaminate vehicles, from cars, to buses, trucks, caravans, tractors, or even trains.

Is there an odor?

It is also possible to neutralize odors in confined spaces

How does it work?

O3CARE-24 PRO is a professional ozone device that uses atmospheric air.

Ozone (O3) is a molecule that consists of three oxygen atoms. The formation of this compound is achieved by sending air through an energy discharge. As a result, the double bond breaks and this discharge generates two atoms which then reconnect with other oxygen molecules.

Ozone is used for the elimination of bacteria, viruses, mites and bad odors due to its high oxidation capacity. This improves the quality of the air in the rooms where the appliance is used.


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